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What is the ego ?

The ego (the mind, the chatter box) is the one which cuts us off:

  • the present moment
  • recognizing, feeling and expressing our emotions of joy, sadness and anger
  • our innate knowledge and inner core

How do you break free?

My success depends on me, and on a regular practice. I can be accompanied, but no one can do it for me.

The 3 pillars of OGE “The reverse of ego”
  1. I switch off my mind, I go back to the present moment.
  2. I identify my blocked emotions, I feel them, I express them/bring them out.
  3. I reconnect to myself, I rediscover the person I am, my desires and the desire to live.

The OGE concept

"The Reverse of Ego"

In freedom and security, accompany the individual to:

  • regain his autonomy by freeing himself from the grip of the ego
  • to reconnect its inner core

Releasing the  brakes, fears and blockages, to help the individual to regain his self-esteem, emotions, innate knowledge, his creativity and his intuition, in order to live to the full

Self-respect and love are both the means and the end.


"The Reverse of Ego"

This approach is recommended at the onset of any of these symptoms:

  • I have recurring pains (stomach, back, head, chest)
  • I’m drained, tired and have no more desires…
  • I’m anxious– I’m afraid of the future.
  • I’ve lost my self-confidence
  • I don’t sleep well, I wake up tired…
  • Anything annoys me, or makes me angry.
  • I no longer find pleasure in my daily life

Next activities

OGE evenings in Switzerland

  • 2 February 2023
  • 8 June 2023
  • 5 October 2023

Only available in French

Training courses in Switzerland

  • Bounce back
  • Coming out of the conflict
  • Accompany the emotions

Only available in French

Workshops in Switzerland

  • 16 to 19 March 2023
  • 3 to 6 August 2023 with Cécile Dufour
  • 23 to 26 November 2023

Only available in French

Seminars in Switzerland

  • 4 March 2023
  • 18 November 2023

Only available in French

Workshops in Canada

  • 27 to 30 April 2023
  • 2 to 5 November 2023

Only available in French

Seminars in Canada

  • 22 April 2023
  • 7 October 2023

Only available in French

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