The real you is a perfect you

This book is a hymn to Love and life. It emphasizes that illness is a message for the suffering person sent by his body. When this message is understood and taken into account, recovery and well-being occur. The real, underlying causes of illness are unlived emotions; when they are lived, the result is health and recovery. The foundation of good health, good living and dying is love and self-respect, without which true love of others and of life cannot exist.

The wound of "abandonment"

Have you ever thought that you are not a person you can love? Are you scared of engage in a relationship? Do you think of leaving your partner because you say to yourself that if it is not you, it is he who will leave? If so, you are probably a person suffering from abandonment. The wound of abandonment can result in social attitudes, such as aggression and thirst for recognition, and emotional attitudes, such as love addiction and feelings of guilt. This book, which includes case histories, analysis and advice, provides everything that can help you heal to love better, that is to say, to love without fear of being abandoned. Resuming contact with your deep self and your emotions is the first step for you to flourish in your relationships.


Daniel Dufour

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